What to consider when looking at buying used office furniture!
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Whenever you are open to the chance of buying secondhand office furniture, there are things to consider when doing so and these include but not limited to checking out the interiors, exteriors and pricing – amongst others.

Below are ways you can decide if it's the right used furniture you are buying and if not, run in the other direction!

1. Watch out for Tags – You have to turn the furniture set and see if there's a tag. If it says from some top companies like IKEA, or others you can trust for quality, then great consideration. However if it seems like it's from the very old school setting with names like Thayer Coggin, then run.

2. When you don’t trust the origin, then you can just take a look at the quality of the structure. Does it feel as good as solid wood or veneered MDFs, and are the joints joined together, or just nailed or seized together with hardware? Is it durable? Ensure you are looking at the real deal, and not just some scruffy used office furniture Manchester posing as something chic.

3. Try the furniture out and test to sit and confirm how comfortable it is for you or else you may have to cope with the future discomforts.

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